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In order to make prospective members aware of our club's philosophy and objectives, please read the following Code of Ethics.


Each litter should be conscientiously planned with parents of appropriate temperament, appearance and other qualities described in the official standard and description of the breed.  All breeding stock should be as free from hereditary defects as possible.  Before deciding to breed a litter, the breeder should consider the possibilities of properly placing puppies into careful, loving homes.


Breeders should practice preventive medicine and good sanitation to the best of their ability.  Only healthy, mature dogs should be bred.  Stud service should be refused to bitches who are unregistered, in poor health, of unsound temperament or otherwise might produce puppies who will not due credit to our breed. Owners of dogs should be urged to neuter those which will not be used for breeding.


All breeding stock and litters should be registered with the American and/or Canadian Kennel Club.  The breeder shall provide a four-generation pedigree.  All forms necessary for registration should be completed, except that a written, signed agreement may provide for withholding such forms until the breeder receives a statement, signed by a veterinarian, that the dog has been neutered.


Breeders should NEVER sell to pet shops or commercial dealers.  Breeders should sell only to people who indicate they are prepared to give proper care and attention to their dogs and who are in accordance with this Code of Ethics.  Puppies leaving the breeder's possession should be at least eight weeks old or in accordance with the state law.  Written details on feeding, general care and data on worming and inoculations should be given with each puppy.


All advertising must be factual.  It should not offer English Cocker Spaniels at bargain prices nor to be so worded as to attract undesirable buyers or to encourage raising English Cocker Spaniels for profit.  Dogs should not be supplied for raffles or "give-away" prizes.

Developed and written for the NECSC by
Muriel Clement and Janet Lawrence (2/10/79)

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