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The English Cocker Spaniel is, by breed standard,  a "merry" dog.   They are energetic, boisterous, and absolutely joyful companions when in the right environment.

They are big enough to not be fragile, but small enough to be manageable.   While energetic and playful at times, they also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch. 

However, English Cockers are not a dog for everyone.  They need human companionship and would not be the right dog for someone who spends little time with a pet.   If you are a heavy-handed strict disciplinarian, maybe you should choose another breed - the English Cocker has a soft personality that responds poorly to harsh treatment and severe correction.  They are long coated dogs that require grooming at least every few days.

Puppies and younger dogs need plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay physically healthy and keep out of mischief.  Adults also need walks, playtime and special attention to be happy.

English Cockers are a little stubborn and think for themselves, but with gentleness they can be trained in any area and generally are eager to please.  A doggie treat goes a long way with English Cockers!  They compete in breed, obedience, pet therapy, agility, flyball, tracking, working trials, and other field work.

Most  are good  with other pets and children. They can sometimes be a bit possessive and "growly", but  get over it quickly and are generally very loving.   English Cockers live 12-15 years with proper health care. 

If you are looking for an English Cocker puppy please consider first what a serious responsibility dog ownership is.  Consider the costs of food, supplies, vet care and training; the amount of time you will spend exercising, house training, and grooming an English Cocker.   

If you have thought about these things, and still want to proceed in your quest for an English Cocker puppy, please contact our club President, Donna O'Connell. 


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