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Judge's Critique - Supported Entry July, 2002  by  Karen Whitfield

I wanted to write to the club members and thank you all for your support of the July 6th Supported entry.

They say it’s hardest to judge in your backyard and I admit before the show I thought ‘What am I doing’

The trophies were lovely. I was overwhelmed and I admit I got teary over my beautiful judge’s bag that had my Smudge painted on it by Christine Mickolick. What a thoughtful judge’s gift. Thank you.

What a wonderful entry with really nice quality. The bitches were stronger overall than the dogs. I had some really good babies that should mature into nice adults

WD/BOW is an O/W dog of lovely breed type with a pretty head, nice bone, good shoulder, rib, and a great chunky butt. A real cockery dog that is very sure of himself and holds a correct top line when moving.

RWD is a dark blue dog that has a lovely headpiece, bone, and short back. Needs to use himself more when moving.

WB/BOS is a really balanced bitch. She has a pleasing head with lovely upper arm & lay back of shoulder, bone for size, (she’s not a big girl) and a nice upper thigh. She is very clean coming and going. She also holds a good top line when moving.

My RWB is a nice red bitch that is cockery and very correct in so many ways. She is very clean coming & going as well as on the go around, just not quite as mature as the WB.

The Specials class was incredible and I felt very honored to have what I feel are some of the top dogs in the country in my ring.

The top spot of the day ended up going to the blue dog.

He was pushed hard by a red dog that’s no stranger to me. Beautiful type, rib, bone and butt. He was not using himself to his best advantage today.

BOB This dog is really nice to the hand and has a lovely shoulder with a nice smooth layback as well as good length of upper arm. He has fore chest, plenty of bone and he’s deep bodied w/ a nice round butt. He has a lovely head planes with a nice square under jaw. He moved cleanly and his handler had him moving at the correct speed. (I had said "Easy " at least 40 times during the day!)

BOW to the WD see above. Again he’s a very correct dog that’s very clean moving.

BOS to WB see above. I felt she and my BOB dog were very similar in type & outline. Both are very balanced with that nice upper arm & shoulder layback.

Things I found a bit alarming were steep shoulders, short rib cages, long loins, narrow rears and not enough bone. Also eye shape and expression needs to be watched.