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Grooming Space


  • Grooming space is limited.
  • Exhibitors with 1-2 dogs are encouraged to team up with someone else.
  • Spaces will be adjusted to fit the number of dogs and all crates must be stacked.
  • Multiple exhibitors will be on an outlet, so please bring extension cords.
  • No exercise pens will be allowed in the grooming area, nor will dogs and puppies that are not entered in the show.
  • We will attempt to accommodate all requests to be set-up near another exhibitor.
  • Grooming space will not be available until 3:00PM on Monday, May 16.
  • A limited number of outdoor bathing tubs will be available nearby.
  • Bathing dogs in guest rooms is not allowed.
  • The cost for electrical service is $40.
  • Handlers using multiple blowers & dryers should order more than one electrical drop @ $40 each.
  • If you will not be using electrical (you have obedience dogs only), no fee is required.
  • A photocopy of entry forms for each crated dog must accompany this reservation form.
  • Deadline April 15, 2005.


FMI, contact Joanne Torres at or (508) 673-7624.

Name:  ____________________________________________________________

Phone #:  ______________________ E-mail ________________________________

# of dogs entered ____ Want to be near ______________________ # elect. drops ___


Joanne Torres
 140 Primrose Street
Fall River, MA 02720

Reservation must be received by April 15, 2005